Newborn sessions

Are you wondering what all is involved? How does the whole process work?

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STEP 1 - making the plan

Contact me to reserve your spot while you're expecting, at least 2-3 months before delivery ideally.  We will meet (usually for lunch) to discuss your needs and ideas. I'll answer all your questions and go over prices and paperwork. Once you decide to book with me, we will stay in close contact as we finalize our plans and wait for baby to arrive. Make sure I'm on "The Call List" for labor! We will then schedule the session date to occur around a week after birth. Six days of age is the most ideal, in my experience. The session MUST occur in the first 14 days.


Step 2 - session day

You'll come to my home studio around 9 or so in the morning on the day of your baby's session. It is bright, warm, and relaxed in my home studio - perfect for your little one to be cozy and stay in dreamland. Take this time to sit back, relax and, maybe watch some T.V, while I capture beautiful images of your new baby. The session - including breaks for feeding and cuddles - takes between 2 and 4 hours. But don't worry, I have snacks. And recliners. Enjoy the break!


Step 3 - Get your pictures

I will post an online sneak peek of one of your images within 48 hours of your session. We will schedule a reveal appointment about 2-3 weeks after your session. At this reveal appointment, you will see all of your images from your session in a slideshow on the big screen t.v.! I'll help you narrow down your absolute favorite poses, then show you the best ways to display and preserve your portraits.  All print and digital orders are made during this appointment.

      The newborn images you see on this website are of babies between 3 and 14 days after birth (Ideally, 5-9 days of age.). At this age they are still very sleepy and we can get those sweet curled up poses, and if we are lucky, some dreamy smiles!  After this age, they don’t sleep as deeply, often don’t like being moved around into different positions and start to lose that “newness” or “curliness” that is so unique to newborn photography. After 14 days, babies also may become colicky, or develop “baby acne” and peeling skin. This results in limited poses and a less than ideal outcome. For this reason, expectant mothers and I work closely to schedule a session that will be in that limited time-frame. Newborn sessions are typically scheduled months in advance, with a flexible date that will depend on the actual birth date. Because I cannot guarantee the success of a session with an older newborn, I limit these sessions to babies 14 days old and under only. (Exceptions are made for premature infants requiring a NICU stay.)

To provide my clients with the highest quality, and non rushed sessions, I only take a limited number of sessions per month. It is important to schedule your session while you are still pregnant to avoid disappointment. However, if you just came across my website, and have a baby under 14 days, please contact me, I will do my best to accommodate you.

I believe in simple, clean, organic, classic portraiture, a style that focuses on your beautiful baby. I have a full selection of props available at the studio, including hats and headbands and lots of textures that I've hand-selected for how well they photograph. Newborns often look most beautiful naked, or just with a hat, headband or wrap. Newborns are beautifully perfect…just as they came.