the lady behind the lens


Choosing your newborn photographer is a hard decision.  Many photographers don’t have the experience and patience needed to guarantee safety and amazing images at every session.
I have been photographing newborn babies for over 12 years. I have taken courses on infant anatomy, specifically as it applies to the safety-conscious posing techniques I employ. I'm fluent in the use of Photoshop, which gives me an edge both in custom editing, but also in client safety. You see, many of the images I create for clients are composite images - two or more images combined to create the final image. Those poses you see of newborns seemingly balanced with their head on their hands do NOT actually happen as they appear! It would be dangerous to even attempt to allow a baby to balance in such a way. I do not do that. The process I use to create these composite images ensures there are hands on these tiny babies at all times. I simply edit out the hands.


I'm a mother to 3 children, one of whom was 9 weeks premature. (I have long-understood the unique needs of tiny ones!) Like many photographers, my career began with a desire to photograph my own children. Uncle Sam moved my growing family around a lot when my children were young. I bought my first "next-level" camera when I found myself in Japan with 3 kids my family never got to see. I had to document everything! It was my mission!
I've been honing my craft ever since.

As a mommy myself, I know how fast these days disappear. These images are just as or even more important than your wedding photography. Don’t let this time slip away without capturing it.

-Jilly Kay Craig