Session Fee

 My session fee is $200 for Maternity, Newborn, and Fresh 48 Sessions.
(Birth Photography pricing and packages differ. See section below.)
All products and digital negatives are purchased separately, after your session, at the image reveal appointment.


On average, clients invest a total of between $800 - $2000 per session.

During our initial consultation, I listen to your specific goals. I cover all pricing and products that may be of interest to you (including samples).
You can hold the products in your hands - see what you're buying.
This level of face-to-face service allows you to ask all the detailed questions you have for me, and gives you immediate answers for your specific needs.
I would love to sit down with you and show you what I can do for you.


Belly-to-Baby Combination Pricing

What if you want more than just one session to document your baby's arrival? 
I offer discounts on session fees when you book more than one session type!

If you book 2 sessions (for the same baby - i.e. a maternity session and a newborn session), the second session fee is discounted 50% off. ($100 savings!)
If you book 3 sessions (i.e. a maternity, Fresh 48, and a newborn session), the second AND third sessions are 50% off. ($200 savings!)
The purchase of a birth session (see below) comes with a complimentary maternity or newborn session. ($200 savings!)

Birth Photography Pricing

Due to the unpredictable nature of labor and delivery, I remain on-call for the last month of my client's pregnancy. I arrive when the mother is in active labor (usually when she is around 5 cm and contracting regularly), documenting the interaction between the laboring mother and her loved ones. I stay until a couple of hours after delivery, ensuring I get all those fleeting first moments captured. Sometimes the process goes quickly. Sometimes not. Either way, I'm there for as long as it takes.
We will schedule your Image Reveal appointment for 2-3 weeks later.

When you arrive for your private Image Reveal appointment, you'll see all of your finished images in color and black & white. You'll also get to view the personalized slideshow I have created for you (G-rated, for sharing with friends and family). Birth Photography images are the ONLY images for which I release all digital files with session purchase. Your images never go online unless you put them online. I hand-deliver your files on a USB at your Image Reveal appointment.
You'll receive a print release, and you'll be headed home with your priceless memories in hand!

I charge a flat rate of $995
to book a birth photography session. This is due at the time of booking and ensures your spot on my on-call calendar.

But there's MORE!!!
Because birth photography is generally private in nature, most clients, understandably, don't hang these photos on the wall. I want ALL of my clients to have wall-worthy portraits that they're proud to display. So, all birth photography clients may also schedule either a maternity OR a newborn session with the session fee waived. ($200 savings!)
All print and digital files from the complimentary session are at standard prices.