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Decorating your home with photography


We've all been there, I'm sure. You have these fantastic photographs of your family... on a drive, on a disc, languishing away with nothing but good intentions to print them. It's so sad!!
I know, you want something amazing and unique, but you just don't know where to start. Am I right?
What you need is an inspiration guide! You need something you can flip through, something that shows portrait art and gifts in a home setting, so you can get ideas for your own home and artwork! And I have just the thing for you!

 A Curated Home has oodles of ideas, all laid out in easy to scroll pages. And the best part? Anything you see there, I can order for you, just as you see it, or with customization! (Now, I'm talking about the photograph artwork. You're on your own with furniture and such! LOL!) You'll see the wooden boxes and photo cubes I've ordered for clients (not my pictures on the site), plus so many other interesting ideas that you may have never thought or known about!

They have sections for babies, seniors, families, gift giving, etc. I find it very helpful for those who just don't know where to start.


Hopefully looking through the pages there will spark the perfect idea for you so you can bring your portraits to life and see them in their full glory - on display in your home.


Preparing for your Newborn Session with Jilly Kay Photography

Sweet Baby Presley

Sweet Baby Presley

You've been preparing for your baby's arrival for months. You have the nursery ready (almost). Lord knows you rearranged it 100 times getting everything "just so." You knew from the start that you were going to have professional pictures made of this tiny blessing. As a client who contacted me during your pregnancy, you and I have discussed ideas, colors, and props until we're both so excited we've squealed out loud several times.
Perhaps you've done maternity pictures with me, or even asked me to photograph the delivery. (Maybe I did your wedding? ;) <3 )
But now that the flurry of excitement around the birth of this little one has calmed, now that the relatives have all come and gone, now you can be at peace and truly take in this marvelous being before you. This moment is fleeting and precious. This is the moment you want to take with you forever. This is also why you scheduled your portrait session for under two weeks of age. You knew so many changes would happen in those first couple of weeks. And you know Jilly Kay will capture this newness for you.
I will.

So, now it's morning on the day of your session. The session isn't until 1:00, so what can you do this morning to help make your session go even better? Well, I'll tell you! Here are my top 5 tips on preparing for your Newborn Session with me:

1. Keep your baby awake for a least an hour before the session. The more sleepy your baby feels when you arrive, the better. I often recommend that parents give their baby a bath during the hour or so prior to their session. This usually keeps newborns awake. After their bath, rub them down with lotion or other moisturizer, paying close attention to dry and peeling skin.

2. Clothing leaves lines and marks on skin. There's just no getting around that. You CAN minimize it though! After you get your baby bathed and moisturized, select clothing that doesn't have elastic waistbands or other tight areas that may leave lines. Button-down footed pajamas usually work well for this purpose. Footed pajamas also eliminate the need for socks (elastic lines again). Just prior to leaving for your session, loosen your baby's diaper as well.

3. Because sessions with newborns are designed around their comfort and their schedule, their sessions take several hours to complete. We take many breaks for feeding, changing, and just snuggling. The majority of a newborn's day is spent either sleeping, eating, or doing both at the same time. Be prepared to give your baby extra "comfort feedings" during the session. Our goal is a perfectly content and sleeping baby. And the easiest way to achieve that is a full belly and a warm room. As soon as you arrive to the studio, I will ask you to feed your baby. While s/he drifts off into milk heaven, we will pick out props and get ready to shoot.

4. Speaking of a warm room, yes... WARM is not the word for it. You and I will be uncomfortably warm in the studio. I set the temperature so that the room feels comfortable enough for babies to stretch out and stay asleep, even when they are undressed. Please dress very lightly as if we were going to be outside on a Summer day.

5. What about your older children? For safety, I ask that you bring only your newborn to your session (more on siblings below). I remember the diligence required to wrangle a toddler in a room full of glass and tip-able equipment. Knowing the toddler hazards of my studio, I would not wish that on any parent, lol! My assistant and I will be hands-on and paying full attention to your newborn. For families with older children who will also be photographed in some of the pictures, I recommend having a second set of hands. Generally, one parent arrives with the new baby at the start of the session. Then, as we are wrapping up the newborn images, the other parent (or other adult) brings the siblings. We do the sibling shots last. This has worked very well and has proven to be the easiest and most relaxing for everyone.

Case is a proud big brother, showing off his brand new baby sister, Presley!

Case is a proud big brother, showing off his brand new baby sister, Presley!

So, there you have it, my top 5 tips for helping your newborn session be the most rewarding experience it can be! Be sure to follow the blog here for more helpful tips, behind-the-scenes stories, and for sneak peeks at some of my most recent work (like these shots from last week).

Behind the scenes (NB Workshop 2017)

What's it like during a newborn session? What kinds of things can I learn at a Newborn Posing Workshop?
Here's a backstage look at me in action, posing little ones and teaching fellow photographers how I do it.
Big thanks to my husband for teaching me the basics of slideshow/video making!! Love ya, sweetheart! This is our first joint creation. I have MUCH to learn, but I hope you like what we made for y'all. 
Newborn Posing Workshop 2017:

Newborn Posing Workshop

What an incredible afternoon!
We had three newborn babies in the studio yesterday, yes THREE!

JKPtriple babies-82.jpg

Their parents all answered my casting call for newborn models a couple of months ago. With our models, I was able to demonstrate newborn posing techniques with 1, 2, and even all 3 babies together. I had so much fun!! I hope everyone else did too. And a BIG thank you to all the parents! You guys were great!!
Here's a little sneak peek at some of the images from the workshop. The full post with all images (and a few videos!) will be ready in 2 weeks.

JKPtriple babies-7-Edit.jpg
JKPtriple babies-122.jpg

Special thanks goes out to Jenna Luna of LunaRae Photography for capturing images of me working with these precious little ones!

triple babies-40.jpg
triple babies-171.jpg

JKPtriple babies-4.jpg

Rave House Coffee Mini Sessions!

These mini-sessions were SO MUCH FUN! First and foremost, let me give a big shout-out and thank you to Rave House Coffee for letting us shoot inside their amazing building!! Shelly and Brent are creating something truly incredible in there! If you haven't stopped in yet, get your fanny over to the bottle wall building and show them some love! You won't be disappointed.
I'd also like to thank each client who took part in these unique sessions. I hope you love your images! Contact me if you'd like to purchase additional images from your mini-session.

Location Scouting!

Thank goodness for a willing model! This is Maddox, a good friend of mine's son. His mom and I were out at a location I've been meaning to go check out on a cloudy day. SCORE! LOVE this location!! I have a senior session coming up soon and this location will definitely be in the plans! 

Ok, time to settle in at the computer and finish editing the Rave House mini-sessions! They'll be finished this week! :D

Jilly Kay Blog — Grenada, MS Newborn Photographer . Jilly Kay Photography . Fine Art Portraiture

August is upon us already! My goodness this year is flying by!
Welcome to the new website and... tada.... the new BLOG!
A lot of new changes are coming to Jilly Kay Photography next year. 2018 will be the year of newborns! I will be focusing on my specialty, newborn portraiture, while officially rolling out my new Belly-to-Baby combination packages (maternity, birth, fresh 48, and newborn sessions). 
If you contact me before August 31st of this year, you can pre-book a session for 2018 that is not a Belly-to-Baby session (family, kids, senior, wedding, etc.). But after August 31st, I will ONLY be booking maternity, birth, Fresh 48, and newborn sessions for 2018. So, if you want family pictures next year or if you're planning a wedding, contact me before the end of the month!


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